Jade Kafayat Akintola is Co-Founder and Managing Partner at creative company IC-YA. 

A Nigerian Brit, Jade’s mission is to foster a diverse creative community inspired by heritage and to empower marginalized voices by better articulating the values of audiences of color.

Jade established an arts-anchored, purpose-driven approach to marketing for brands in luxury, lifestyle, and technology — leading collaboration across strategy, creative, design, and production.
These award-winning campaigns consistently drove high-revenue and innovative verticals with numerous clients including Equinox, Reebok, adidas, Fendi, Apple, Google, Airbnb, and Spotify.

She continues to champion intelligent storytelling by an inclusive team and to build long-lasting and transparent client relationships.

She is currently based in New York and is also the Founder and Creative Director of outdoor goods brand ITA Leisure

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