adidas — S.E.E.D School

Committed to breaking down barriers faced by young creators, adidas developed a design program in partnership with Pensole to welcome new talent into the footwear industry. S.E.E.D., the School for Experiential Education in Design, welcomed their inaugural class of six talented women in adidas’ Brooklyn Creator Farm. Through photo and film, we visualized the story of S.E.E.D. – capturing the school, the faculty behind it and the women of Generation 2020..

Through a docu-portraiture lens, the hero film and individual student profiles reveal all six personalities and passions, and their larger aspirations alongside S.E.E.D.’s mission of progress & empowerment. Lively editorial photography shot by Leeor Wild revealed a combination of day-in-the-life shots inside the program’s natural “home room” environment.
With art direction and top-down capture, the students’ design space became a recurring visual device – showcasing the textures and fine details of the designers’ work.


Executive Producer & Account Director


MATTE Projects